Indie Demo Radio

Indie Demo Radio is long lasting radio project, that has seen ups and downs, mostly downs. But still kicking, without the radio though. 😛

I used to run indie record label, and I just love to hear new music from mainly indie artists. But the labels are taken down by majors too so no point for running any anymore. But radio is easier, it doesn’t cost a lot to keep it running, so this is my hobby that I’m going to invest some money, when have a place for it. So keep sending me new music. I love to listen new songs and make playlists. I love to explore artists from the world and follow your journey, and if I can somehow help you in promoting, I’m happy to do that. Music is my passion + weed of course. 🙂

Re-start launch attempt III coming soon.

Music Submissions for 2019

You can send music submissions, even the radio is not currently running:

By sending music you agree them to play on radio, and add / promote your artist info on these sites.

Ps. I refreshed the artist list to keep fresh.
Send new songs. I will seek the old library once radio is running again. Keep the creation going on. Peace yo.