19th of May 2020


And welcome to Indie Demo Radio 3.0.

Indie Demo Radio is playing music from kick ass artists, who are woken up enough for realizing the shit going on in this world.

It is time to use every way we can to unite in fight against the invisible enemy.

Therefore, Indie Demo Radio is looking music from artists who are brave and woke up for the reality, to build one more censorship free network for independent artists and to play some fresh tones from the good people to the good people.

Indie Demo Radio is playing daily on Arthub’s online radio:


Arthub is an independent Finnish art development center. (Patriots in control).

Visit for more info (in Finnish): https://arthub.fi

Features on these sites:

Artist Profile:

Create free artist profile and add your social media links to promote your music and get support from other patriots. Find real and legit artists, with good purpose; other creative digital soldiers.

Friends & Private Messaging:

You can make new friends, amongst fellow patriots.

Create Groups (Coming in future):

You can create a group for your different projects / band(s).

Booking Feature (Coming in future):

If you are looking more shows to perform, you can submit your project/band for booking feature, where other patriots can find and send booking request for you.

Submit your music:

Whether you are still a sleeping sheep, or a true patriot, and get a intuition this could be place for your song(s), you can submit them with or without creating a profile. Those who show support by creating account, might get easier into rotation.


Radio Arthub & Indie Demo Radio doesn’t belong to too expensive Nordic Copyright Bureau things (of course not), and therefore is playing only copyright free content, content with fair teaching use, or content submitted by the artists themselves.

By submitting your song(s), you give us rights to play your material online and put it into our rotation, without any external licenses need.


We follow the EU GDPR shit and use cookies on our sites. By using our sites, you accept the cookies.

We use Google Analytics and Google Adsense, for trying to get some income to help this project. We are looking for alternatives ways, Brave Browser’s BATs etc. but we have to use the Google for now.

Google has also lift their bans on search results, so hopefully, the patriots are in control over there.

That’s about it. Create an account and join in to fight to save the entire world. Remember to support each others now and then.


Peace & Respect!

Sincerely yours,

Team Arthub + Indie Demo Radio 3.0