Jarred Allstar

Jarred Jarrod Haynes, (born April 19, 1986), also known as "Jarred AllStar", is an American record producer, engineer, arranger, composer, musician, writer, rapper, singer, and licensed preacher who made his first attempt at musical relevancy in 2009 with his album "Genre". He went on to make music within the winter sports industry specifically "Freeskiing" till 2012 being featured in publications such as (ESPN.com, Powder Magazine, Freeskier Magazine etc.) while working as the "Voice of Solomon Freeski TV."

After spending the last 6 years experimenting with several different sounds, working with countless artists and simply growing up; Jarred is back with his own sound. With Gospel melodies complimented by thought-provoking lyrics and a jazz undertone his latest effort "Water & Wine" looks to be one of a kind. It is with great expectation that Jarred hopes his songs will blur the lines of the word "genre" and instill faith through music.

: Christian, Gospel, Hip Hop / Rap

: http://www.jarredallstar.com/


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