Stranger Minds

Stranger Minds is formed of five artists, a rare mix of nationalities (Irish, English and Italian) and musical backgrounds which creates something truly unique due to their diverse influences such as The Cure, The Divine Comedy, Death from Above 1979, and Muse. 

The band came together in November 2016 and constructed a melting pot of new music that can be described as indie alt-rock, with a storytelling style ranging from mischievous pop songs like “Disco has to die” to epic rock ballads such as “Stalingrad”. After almost two years of crafting, Stranger Minds has a wealth of fables and follies to share with the world and are now releasing their first five-track EP “King and Fool”. 

Oisin Mccormack: Vocals/Piano 
Alessandro Cimini: Guitar 
Charlie Cope: Drums/Vocals 
Alberto Masetto: Bass 
Alice Saracini: Synth

: Alternative, Rock